For me it was the maelstrom. I once followed Isis. She was short in stature. The high priest of Set spoke of great change, and he brought it. I was one of the many to follow him, and one of the few chosen to do so forever. At least we thought it would be forever.

He let us know how corrupt Isis and her brother husband were. Our children starved while our excess grain flowed away from our lands. Our mothers wailed while plagues ruined there bodies. When the fires started, we called on Horus, Hathor and Nut to aid us, to save us. They didn’t respond, the High Priest of Set’s words were true. So many of us called to Set, and he responded.

For me there was such devotion. After the ritual. After I walked the land of the dead. After I walked into the Old City of the dead. I was Risen. The High Priest of Set revealed many plans. They would take many life times. The High Priest walked into the land of the dead. We were alone.  Set gave us his dead children the Followers of Set to aid us.

Long long ago, on one journey though the land of the dead I heard it.  It was like a heard running in the distance. In the direction of the sound you could see pain, and what I believed to be chaos. After I returned, I learned I wasn’t the only to see the great storm, the maelstrom. From the other devoted Risen I learned it tore the spirits that step into it apart, growing in size and strength.  And so we learned to stay away from it when we journeyed that land.

Our secrets of that land, were not our own. We had spies and others who were Risen, but not devoted. No new Risen, those who knew the rite stopped. We found ways to sew our will to the body of one who recently died. That too became a secret not our own. In the east they worked successfully to send us back to the land of the dead. We don’t stay. Yet the maelstrom grew.

Now there are few devoted. Few of the Calberi. Few of the Maya. Few of the Chin. Few of the Tao. But we few are Risen. Our secrets are our own. We do not stay in the land of the dead for long as the maelstrom hunts us, for our life.

In these dark days new groups gather. New alliances are made for protection. Striving towards our life enduring goal. Yet our secrets our kept, I believe the Maelstrom hunts us for them. The land of the dead was never safe, even when we traveled it freely. No one can anymore, because of the great storm.

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