Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Minds Eye Theater, and its origins are readable HERE. Which spawned the World of Darkness LARPs which you can read up on HERE

This is a new way the Old World of Darkness is being run.

In Character Break Down

The Game
Many of the in character event games will take place in public venues – players will receive prior notification to games from the website. Court members or ruling players of your specific species can also create in game events on the website. Please respect the time the Storyteller and Narrators are putting in, RSVP in character on your race pages when you receive the notification if you plan on attending. Once logged into the website all character exchanges are in character on the forums. For out of character assistance or help you can email us, or find us on our Facebook LARP RenoByNight Page. You can also use the Facebook page to keep up on Events, but the Website generated events will be emailed to your registered email address. 


While conflicts will be resolved using Rock, Paper, Scissors (RPS) and your corresponding mental, physical and social traits based on power/skills/ability. An example would be I am cunning enough to mesmerise you into jumping on one foot, and I am clever enough not to jump (RPS). In the event of a tie your narrator or you both can decide best out of 3, or say the total number of corresponding mental, physical, or social traits. If you feel you are substantially more gifted mentally, socially, or physically after you declare, I am cunning enough to mesmerise you into jumping on one foot, and I have 10 mental traits. Your intended target should say, I have that much or more, I am clever enough not to jump, and then (RPS). Or else they should start jumping on one foot.
Rock, Paper, Scissors is not expected in public venues, any use of Rock-Paper-Scissors to resolve a challenge could be seen as a breach of our one rule in character.  This is because most powers that require (RPS) are a demonstration of our World of Darkness supernatural powers. They will be dealt with appropriately by the Authority in the City, or the ruling member of your species. Other hand signals are usable for public events and you should adjust accordingly. 

The Authority is responsible for his or her own court- this means following and enforcing the traditions, rules, and racial rituals.

The Past is the Past – Do not bring past grudges into the game if you intend on playing, you will be asked to leave, your character deleted, and your account on the website will be deleted.  The Storyteller expects game journals – experience points/traits/backgrounds/character driven in-game objects will only be handed out by posting your game journal on the website, relax, only you, the Storyteller, and Narrators can read it. The other characters have no access.

After your character has been approved you will have access to your Racial(Kindred, Changing Breeds, Mage, Risen, and Changeling) forum, our game is character driven, and you are that guide both on forum and at events. As these are the two ways to participate in-character.
Awards will be presented and announced through the website – excellent players can expect rewards handed out through your characters profile on the website by the Storyteller and Narrators. These may include temporary status traits, or permanent status traits, character created plot driven objects, influence, status by Authority, status by other members of court, or other merits. Be on the lookout, your best behavior, and ACT WELL!
Acting your character – is the number one goal of this game. Anyone can play Rock-Paper-Scissors all night long. We’re here to step into a world not entirely out of our own, and act it out. A darker world then the one we live in.

The Storyteller

Will remain anonymous. Our Narrators will be guiding and helping to guide the character driven plots together, apart, and forward. We are in good hands.
They will have final say on all events, characters, and plots – the narrators are there to run the plots and handle stuff as it arises.
They will be playing among you – the Storyteller reserves the right to be a player, just like you. The narrators have agreed to take the reins on the public show.

The Narrators
Will be present at species functions, and games – the Narrators will run day-to-day operations of the game, handling calls as they come up, helping to guide the player driven stories forward. They have say over those characters that pertain to them. Just to confirm as your species Narrator they are the lead storyteller for all things specific to those things. Examples include character acceptance, death, players, plot lines, and games. They can hold open games, or exclusive games. 

Journaling and your Character Sheet will be maintained by you through your characters online profile, only you, the storyteller, and narrators can read them. There is a video tutorial on how to use this function and other website functions you can view on our Facebook LARP RenoByNight page. 

All other postable locations are in character, and can be seen by others of your race, members of court, and the Authority.

Using backgrounds, traits, spells, influences, powers, etc. during down time should be journaled, and your storyteller or narrators will comment as to how they transpired(if you need an outcome). Likewise when other characters utilizes a “downtime”ability that can effect you or publicly others you will find those under your profile or on the public forum posts.  You can access this area by clicking on login, your circular picture, and using the bar with many icons, which include journaling, and documents. 


If you need to brush up on rules, guides, and books. You will find a link below, that includes to character sheets. We are operating in the Old Word Of Darkness Universe as put forth by White Wolf Publishing. White Wolf publishing has all rights to their materials. 


If you need help setting up, or designing your character please contact us.

Just Character Sheets

If you can dream it, act it, and come up with a reasonable background as to why your here. A Narrator or the Storyteller can approve your character. 


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