History of Reno

The year was 1866 and Virginia City had begun it’s decline.Kindred had been in the area during the gold rush, but they had all gone, after the gold, and the food ran out.

Five new Kindred moved into the area, which was surrounded by the warrior tribes of the Native American Garou. General Todd, the leader of this band of vampires saw great potential in the area, and they made their homes here.

Then the push into Reno, and the Garou Wars came to the area.Many other vampires were summoned into the area, friends and allies to the original founders. And, three long years later, the vampires claimed victory, driving the Garou back to the reservations that they came from, and a temporary peace was forged.

General Todd, the benevolent Prince of Reno ruled the city fairly and justly with the other City Founders for almost a century, before he disappeared. Some say he was called by his Justicar for a higher purpose, others say he slipped into the long sleep, but the resulting power vacuum left the city open for her enemies.

Princes came and went, the Sabbat saw the weakness in the area, and sought to capitalize on it. The Garou made a push off the reservations, to reclaim their territory again. A secret war raged, one that threatened to break through the carefully constructed veil surrounding the supernatural world, and alert the mortals to it’s existence.

Then came the greatest change of all.

The first to join were the Garou, shortly after, the Camarilla and Sabbat were devastated, their leadership dead. The mages soon followed, and the Fae. The shadow accords were forged in the blood of all who came before, and the Shadow Council was formed. No one knows who the members of the Shadow Council are,only that they are powerful enough to force the submission of all supernatural creatures, and now these dark denizens have set their sights on Reno.

Out from the shadows. Birthed from the chaos of dark nights. Ancient, powerful, and sometimes unseen things have formed an alliance. These beings claim to be Kindred, Changelings, Garu, Magi, and Risen. They have few rules of order, but they have one goal. Those not of our world will not know of us. To reveal, to expose, and to plot to do is abhorrent. Working together they have formed a new power that moves through towns, and countrysides. It has brought order, and death in these DARK times. 

DARK is sending General Todd back to Reno to form a court. If you are reading this you are officially invited to participate because you are of our DARK existence. Leach, dog, witch, corpse, and creatures come together. Choose your leaders to present yourself. Be prepared for when court will be called. Our one rule is prime to our survival. One true and permanent death if you are found revealing your nature to those not of our world. Prepare.

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